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By Derek Mathias - 20 Mar 2010

On second thought, I must respond to this:

I've studied enough biology in university to know that many animals cannot experience pain, just sensation awareness at best. First you thought bacteria are plants and now this? Basing your entire diet on faulty data isn't wise. If pain is your criterion for whether or not you eat something, then you could eat many animals. Scyphozoans don't even have a central nervous system, so how can they possibly feel pain?

You say God wouldn't do anything evil so you won't answer my question. But you know my question isn't whether or not he would do evil, but what behavior he WOULD have to commit for you to consider him evil. Again you're evading the question, which only further implies moral relativism and deception.

Prayer does not work. It actually has been shown to have a NEGATIVE effect in clinical studies (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/3193902.stm). But you can do a test to prove to yourself it doesn't work. Try praying for someone with amputated limbs to have his limbs grow back. It NEVER works. Or pray for the 30,000 children who die slow, painful deaths of disease and starvation every single day to simply not suffer for the rest of their lives. It NEVER works either. Prayer only works if it's for something that could happen on its own, purely coincidentally.

But please do NOT pray for me. Ever. Even if prayer fails, I want nothing to do with a monster like God. That's why I blasphemed the Holy Spirit, since the Bible states it's the one sin that can never be forgiven. I don't want God's forgiveness, and he certainly does not deserve mine. I would NEVER do the horrible thing he has done in the name of "judgment." If judgment means slaughtering innocent animals and children completely unnecessarily, then his judgment is not justice, it's evil.

I suggest you too turn your back on him, if you care anything at all about animals, decency and morality.

Derek Mathias

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