Excuses People Use to Try to Justify Killing and Eating Animals

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Excuses People Use to Try to Justify Killing and Eating Animals
By Shannise - 3 Jan 2012

Hello there.

I am writing this email to express my total and absolute DISGUST in your website. You are using scriptures from the bible in the most incorrect and vulgar way, and I and many others are very appalled. On this page [email protected] "The Fox - Fur-04" you state that "Evil human beings have caused this fox to be in extreme terror. We call the people in the fur trade and those who lust after the fur, "evil", because as John tells us in his first epistle (2:15-16), they lust after the things of this world, which means that the love of God is not in them." This is simply blasphemy, and stretching the words of the bible to mean how you want it to.

God created animals to be of use to us as humans, in which I am not saying that I condone cruelty as I am very much an active part of trying to prevent that. But for you to call men EVIL for wearing/using fur is totally wrong. Animals were created to provide for us a humans. That's why we eat meat, drink the milk, and use the skins to keep warm. This has been going on ever since the dawn of time.

You say that people will have to answer for their sins of wearing fur, you will have to answer for yours of twisting the words of the Bible. It disgraces me as a Christian to see people like you twisting the truth to suit your own needs. I am a strong believer in God, and I am also an apprentice taxidermist who takes the utmost care in seeing that my animals are treated well, and your page is entirely offensive and incorrect. You should be ashamed of yourself.