Fear of Dying
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Fear of Dying
Comments by Mike Shaw - 12 Dec 2004

Hi Frank,

I had a close call once and was sure that I was dying and would be dead in an hour or two... I was rushed to the hospital and they thought I was having a heart attack...

I do not like medical procedures, so since I thought I was not going to come out of this event in good health, I was actually praying to God that the heart attack kill me. There was no terror of dying... I was afraid of being laid up for months after open heart surgery.

I have made many visits to church members in the hospital after such surgery and I didn't want to go through that.. I wanted to be dead..

But this is not quite what I think you are asking... The only other time, was when I was in high school, my heart stopped momentarily and it caused me to black out. I had an out of body experience where I saw a robed man point at me and light came out of his finger... then I came to. I went to the hospital for tests but they could not determine what happened. Anyway, I had no real time to feel fear when that happened...

For now, I have been lucky, but my heart is not good and never know when it might get worse... My hope is still for the big one.

A good friend of mine killed himself after he found out he had cancer. His dad had the same kind of cancer and my friend did not want to go through the same thing his dad went through.. His dad died of it anyway.

I do not think we fear death so much as we fear the pain of dying.

Not sure if this was the type of answer you were looking for...

Take care,

Mike Shaw

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