Fear of Dying
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Fear of Dying
Comments by Karen Moore - 13 Dec 2004

 I wonder how many on this group grew up saying the ".....If I should die before I wake......" prayer? Dying between going to bed and getting up always seemed like a possibility. Is that inductive or deductive? My priorities were that when I was caught in the middle of episodes I'd go to bed really, really not wanting to die in the night and not find out the next episode.

When I worked in hospitals and saw the outcome of peoples' lives I really wanted to know if I could have some control over my outcome. That resulted in my getting into the so called health nut books and I began changes.

It seems like the best preparation is to keep working on that daily walk with Jesus and developing Kingdom Ways.

About 25 years ago I read "The Clown of God". An orphan was taken in by a troop and he had a juggling act. When he got old and children laughed at him and he couldn't work, he went into a church and juggled for the Christ child. At the apex of his routine he fell dead. This lesson kept me from worrying about health care insurance and 401K and enabled me to keep on with children and animals.

I have trouble disciplining my thoughts and keep working on it. I can symbolically shoot myself in the foot with my thoughts. I rely on fellow believers to uphold me in the Lord and pray for me.


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