Fear of Dying
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Fear of Dying
Comments by Dena Hunt - 14 Dec 2004

It's not "objections", per se, Steve. (By the way, the self-esteem wasn't the second "objection," but competitiveness.) It just doesn't match my experience, and since I don't imagine myself to be freakish, I can only assume that it doesn't match at least some others' experience also. (I am always wary of the sweeping generalizations about people that psychology depends on for its validity.) Of course, I had no siblings and I was a "latch-key kid," as well.

I've been competitive only twice in my life: in puberty (and we understand that!) and later when I was married, I very briefly competed against my husband's "other woman." (I remember the deep sadness of realizing that if I had to compete for his love, it was a "love" I did not want.)

I have been blind-sided--with immensely destructive consequences--sometimes, socially and professionally, by other people who were competitive, and being ignorant, I could not respond. I was never very good at games because I only played for fun. The only time I ever "mimicked desires" was, again, in puberty. As I matured to adulthood, my desires were decidedly "unmimicked." But that is just me--and perhaps I am "freakish," after all.


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