Fear of Dying
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Fear of Dying
Comments by Sue - 14 Dec 2004

Steve Kaufman wrote:

Mike has raised doubts about fear of death. Becker said that we generally don't recognize the fear, because it is suppressed by denial mechanisms. Becker's theories have gained support from several lines of analysis, including: 1) Explanation of otherwise bizarre and incomprehensible human behavior, 2) Dream analysis, and 3) experimental Terror Management Theory (see essay #27).

Hi, Steve.

After reading the posts on fear of dying, I had to dig around for a description of a dream I had about 5 years ago. Parts of it were pretty terrifying. At first, I interpreted it pretty literally. But within a few days, and thinking about my dad who was living in a nursing home, I compared the waiting, the people speaking foreign languages, the things I didn't want people doing to me (for my own good), and the frozenness/crossing the ditch, waiting for some trucker (who I half-expected to look a lot like Jesus) to pick me up and get me out of there ASAP as some metaphor of living in a nursing home, and preferring to take my chance at dying naturally, than becoming victim to someone's treatment. I wasn't afraid once I realized I was probably dead. But I was terrified of the two people who were after me. I've heard that the characters in dreams represent different aspects of ourselves....


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