Fear of Dying
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Fear of Dying
Comments by Sue Hodson - 15 Dec 2004


I feel very much as you do - I too still eat dairy (although not much) and eggs and feel that I could be doing more. I also worry a lot, mostly about my children, as well as the animals of course. Then I think about the Christians whom we are trying to reach, trying to convince of the need for compassion for animals and not to eat them. We are doing what we can - it can never be enough but we're trying.

I am fortunate in feeling very much a part of my Church, both local and universal. Are you a member of a particular church locally?

I too often get despondent and feel that we are not going to change anything, but I read the CVA updates with positive news on leafleting, and I try to remember the countless people who work for the wonderful organisations like WSPA, PETA, the refuges, sanctuaries etc. There ARE a lot of good people out there. It isn't easy but we must remember that we are doing SOMETHING, however insignificant is sometimes seems.

God bless

Sue H

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