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Our Food for Thought Section
By Barb - 7 Oct 2012

In Reference to: Matthew 10:16 - Sheep in the Midst of Wolves

Dear Marni,

Thank you for this message. I enjoyed it.

I will add something to it though. With respect, I do not consider sheep to be dumb animals. Also, cows, hens and many other animals are often called dumb - and they're not.

I once read an article that asked how smart we (humans) would be if we were enslaved, mutilated, impregnated to give birth to see our babies slaughtered, etc. etc.? How intelligent would we actually become? Our brains could not develop properly because we would live in a world of suffering, pain, betrayal, hopelessness, and fear. We have all heard of a child who was kidnapped and raised in a cellar, or lived in the wild, (think of the movie Nell) and were not able to escape and mentally develop in a proper way. No one, animal or human, living in constant fear, in a survival mode, will become what God intended.

Also, the shepherds who "care for" sheep are doing so for profit/greed and send them to slaughter.

I know I am taking this out of context but wanted to make a point and go in a different direction because animals aren't dumb. We terrorize them into dumbness.