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Our Food for Thought Section
By Joyce - 15 Dec 2012

In Reference to: 2 Corinthians 3:17 - There is Liberty


I don't understand you!  Seems to me God put rules and restrictions there for reasons.  Violating them does violate the law of love.  For example, rules against fornication and adultery do protect against spread of venereal diseases (ancient nobility was beset with insanity bringing syphilis).  Also, sex within marriage is supposed to bring two parents to a baby, so the baby will have nurturance and security.  Another example is that cheating and lying are very harmful to others and wreck relationships.  No, I do NOT think we are free (if we want to be truly holy, compassionate, and loving) to do anything we doggoned please, from our self-centered selves, no matter who it hurts. 
My brother believes it is wrong to put people in prisons.  That's awful,.  What does he want?  Disordered, violent personalities to be able to be free to run around attacking, robbing, killing, whatever, whenever they want? 
There is a wonderful freedom in being truly holy, I believe, because then a person feels clean and unbound by the various sins.  I've sure been seeking that for a long time, trying to eliminate from me anything that hurts anyone else, including the animals. 

Surely you aren't for the "freedom" of anarchy!

Joyce K