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By Marni Montanez - 5 Dec 2014

In Reference to: Psalm 138:7 Trouble

I too feel the frustration and heartache of the continuing evil against animals.  Every single day I pray against the dog meat trade, dog figthing, bear bile farms......etc..   the list is endless.  

Lately I have been seeing little glimpses of victories.  Like the decision in Denmark to end the legalization of bestiality and dog brothels and then I see that in the dog meat trade they have bill boards that is giving the thai authorities the ability to get tips and stop those death trucks.

It feels like one step forward and six steps back. I feel my personality becoming more bold and brazen as a voice for animals. I know it is one of my callings to stop the cruelty.  Sometimes I feel so helpless and God has reminded me over and over to relinquish that frustration to him. 

And yes, I cannot stop, and I must walk along people like you and those on my facebook and speak out and keep speaking for the animals.   

God bless  you


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