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By Marni Montanez - 7 Dec 2014

In Reference to: Psalm 138:7 Trouble

We don't have a choice.  

I think we all are in this for the long hull.

Yesterday I saw story on Facebook and there were pictures 

this golden retriever was stolen after giving birth to babies 45 days prior...the owner loved her.

Thieves in China stole her and then sold her to a restaurant owner where he mutilated and filleted the dog right there in public

Some person asked to buy the dog but this cruel man said no and the dog was killed.

The owner went to the police when she found out about her dog and they said wait til Monday.

Can you believe that!!!!!!!!

She lost her baby because of this evil moron and the heartless cops.

This has got to change.

So I ended up reading about the changes in China and that more and more people are standing against the dog meat trade as they get dogs and love them.

I was crying so hard and crying out to God asking Him to do something and I was angry and still am. 

No, we can't give up.  Here is the article


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