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By Marni - 26 April 2016

In Reference to: Proverbs 19:21 Freedom


I believe that God talks to us through many arenas.  The bible, in our hearts, through others who have our best interest at heart and from divine appointments when suddenly something appears or there is a doorway.  

I believe that God is creative in how He gets us to know what He wants or if we are easily moved by Him, He knows how to organize things to go in the way that lead us toward His plan.   We have to keep our hearts open and our spirit eyes fixed on God.

Also, I have experienced that God gives me an instruction but will not give me another instruction until I have done the first thing He said. 

I think I should write this stuff on one of my future scriptures.   It's important for us to know that God doesn't talk to us one way.


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