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By Dana - 6 Mar 2017

In Reference to: Mark 11:24 Prayer

Good questions and thoughtful discussion. Faith takes us to a different place as we wrestle with the bad stuff that happens in the world and why God allows it. Some thoughts:

1) 'Free will' can be interpreted in more than one way. Here is one interpretation of it: 

God purposefully calls all to Himself. He lovingly gives opportunities for people to know Him. In Revelation, Jesus says, '...I stand at the door and knock, if anyone opens the door, I will come in....' This is the Holy Spirit at work - God initiating His salvitic work. As sinful beings, we are 'free' only to reject His overtures. GOD is the one who saves and redeems human beings, we cannot save ourselves. So 'free will' is only free to reject and receive, not initiate. 

Once a person acquiesces to and is indwelt with the Holy Spirit, that person comes alive to hearing and knowing God more intimately. We become God's hands and feet, 'Jesus with skin on' -to do His work in the world. Our spirits 'quicken' to God in a more personal, intimate way.

2) The world is a bad place because of sin. Satan does rule here and uses his power to hurt, destroy and deceive. But it would be much, much worse if God was completely AWOL. But He is not. Because He is in the lives of His beloved, God is also at work here, simultaneously, along with the darkness. It is not God's fault that awful things happen. We are all a part of the brokenness -therefore, it is incumbent upon us, when we see something unjust, cruel, heartbreaking - to step in and work to rectify the situation...because we are filled with His love, compassion and grace. We can share His love with others. 

3) We cannot know and perceive all things. We are not God; we 'see through a glass darkly' (per 1 Corinthians) because of our own sin. Faith is required, when we do not understand why something bad happens. During those moments, we can acknowledge our own sin, ask forgiveness for what we have done to cause pain in this world, and ask God to help us trust in Him. Faith is also required to wait. To wait for His perfect timing that to us, does not always seem right. But we are NOT God. We must recognize and realize our own limitations. And also remember that He will make all things right, even when we do not understand.

4) Faith also is required when we see that some people are healed of diseases, while others are not....that some children are rescued and others die....that some animals are treated with respect and dignity, while others suffer in factory farms....the list could go on and on. We have a choice - reject God because we do not understand His ways and why He waits, or ask Him to 'help us in our unbelief', as a desperate man once asked Jesus. I see nothing even remotely better, no other more desirable option, than following Jesus. He brings hope, forgiveness, peace, acceptance and understanding, relief in the midst of storm. I will stick with Him. :)


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