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By Rena - 6 Mar 2017

In Reference to: Mark 11:24 Prayer

My opinion is that our perspective is limited. Letís suppose that we see the street from the first floor and God can see the same street from the one hundredth floor. We canít see what He sees. We need to understand that God is not a magician at our service to perform all the miracles we want. On the contrary, we are His servants and must work for the good cause. Jesus said that in this world we would have tribulations, but He would be with us until the end. If we believe His words, we need only faith to keep going. We donít know what tomorrow will unfold for us, but we can be sure that whatever it is, our Father will be in charge. Itís difficult because life is tough, the road full of thorns and often heavy clouds threaten our horizon, but faith illumines the path.

I always repeat: ďGod is in control and all is in divine order.Ē


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