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By Rob - 6 Mar 2017

In Reference to: Mark 11:24 Prayer


The mystery of Faith. 

Consider this, it takes nothing more than a man's own weight to throw him down, but if a man wakes everyday and prays for what it is he wants, it is more likely he will attain it just by the pure simplicity that drives the being.

It would be incongruous to the being to wake and earnestly pray for something he desires whether it be a righteous and just thing he prays for just as the criminal hopes and wishes and likely in his mind prayed or made a deal with "God" (God makes no deals, but the devil does) i.e. "This will be the last time" or "Just this time" and "I promise" are deals with the devil and selling our souls.

Thus Free Will and praying for our hopes and dreams is a prepping ground for the future. If you wake and pray for something then it is presumed that the individual will work in some way toward that goal just as planning works. So hoping or praying for something bad likely carries over to the mans everyday activities just as praying to God to give us the strength to be more Christ like in our ways throughout the day, it would seem reasonable that the man's acts would follow his prayers or his hopes and as such when we pray for something like a new job, we will get a haircut, press our clothes and other things in advance but if you did not pray for it maybe you wouldn't be prepared. Just like the criminal who plans his escapade everything takes planning.

The strength of prayer supports the conscious and subconscious to work towards a common goal. 


Pastor Rob

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