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By Dana - 7 Mar 2017

In Reference to: Mark 11:24 Prayer

Ray - if you hold onto an 'except', then that is an attack on your faith and trust in God. Faith is a definitive action that takes work. Doubts are normal and will always happen - I struggle with them every day. It is what we do with the doubts and 'excepts' that matter. Job said it well and I have clung to this verse for years: 'though He slay me, YET WILL I TRUST IN HIM...' 

I learned a long time ago that when I demand an answer of God for bad things that happen, I put myself in a place where I am not meant to be. God cannot always give the answer I want because I will not understand. Instead of demanding an answer to my 'why', or perhaps your 'except'...

....taking a definitive step toward repentance for personal sins, acquiescing to His sovereignty, reminding oneself that terrible things are not God's fault and that He too grieves - all of these are steps toward faith, trust and hope that yes, He will make things right.

If you hold to and focus on 'God is sorry He ever made me', without balancing that with the theme that runs through the Bible of God's overarching love, compassion, tenderness toward His beloved, then your faith will indeed, be eroded. 


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