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By Dana - 8 Mar 2017

In Reference to: Mark 11:24 Prayer

Hi Ray, 

-First of all, I meant no offense when I used the word 'broken' - I meant it in the same way you did when you referred to yourself as 'flawed'; and I also meant it in the generic sense, in that we are all broken because of sin. That being said, I apologize for offending you!

-second, i do not understand what you mean by 'decrement'? 

-third, I agree that we do have a connection to God, and that He guides and directs. However, your comments do not address the question - how do you know that is a truth, if you have no blueprint? If there is no standard, then cant anyone justify what he/she wants and say that God is giving His blessing?

-fourth, like you, I am vegetarian for similar reasons. I was spiritually convicted to be so. Biblical teaching on the matter, however, is different from what you have presented. God was definitive, as recorded in Genesis, in His commands re: food for humans originally; giving only plant food for human consumption. He allowed human consumption of flesh after the flood - but it was an allowance, not a blessing. He said that He 'delivered them into our hands', and that they will live 'in fear and dread' of us. This was not a mandate - His allowance has been misinterpreted down through the years as a blessing. There are many places in the Bible where God did not mandate certain behaviors, but allowed them when mankind insisted. For instance, David had numerous wives...not God's best and original intent as presented in Genesis. Yet God said that David was 'a man after my own heart'. Perhaps this goes back to the original conversation of free will? In addition, God definitely said, 'I desire mercy, not sacrifice, and the knowledge of God rather than burnt offerings' in the prophetic book of Hosea. 

-finally, you say that you seek the fruits of the spirit - are you referring to those mentioned in the Bible?


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