Refuge From The Fire

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Refuge From The Fire

Comments by Country Boy from Afton Wyoming - 16 Oct 2000

I liked the image very much, it has good energy and power. From a picky artistic standpoint, I found the dark shadow on the right a little overpowering. I would like to see what one could do with a program like Photoshop in improving the image file. (But don't get me wrong, over all a great image).

Elk, (and they are elk, and not deer, for you that keep getting it wrong), are actually very smart creatures, and these two photographed are going to do ok, (regarding surviving the fire). They are intelligent enough to know how to survive many of natures hardships, a tribute to mother natures capabilities. Large forest fires kill off many of the pine trees, which when mature shade the ground under them, when they are removed by fire or other means, it allows for the growth of grasses and bushes. Given time, areas which are impacted by fire become rich sources of food, for deer, elk, and many other animals. This is all part of the cycle of natures system. Let one not forget that if unchecked the pine forest would cover the land and be as harmful in the long run to many of natures creatures living there, as the fire shown in the image its self. Forest fires provide a cleansing action, and allow for the growth and reappearance of life. When studied, it is actually very surprising how many of the animals seem to simply reappear after a large fire.

In conclusion, seems to me that a lot of city folk need to get back to basics, and get reacquainted with nature and her rules. The whole event is not run like the happenings in big cities. Destruction in a city is just that, a lot of ruin, (part of mans natural cycle), but in the forest a fire is an opportunity for life to blossom with amazing regeneration capabilities.

Right on, Mother Nature, she is just doing her thing, and showing how beautiful she is when doing it, (as always).

Signed, Country Boy from Afton Wyoming

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