Refuge From The Fire

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Refuge From The Fire

Comments by Susan Trout - 9 Sep 2004

The picture is both awe-inspiring and terrifying!

To us the deer (or elk, as one other writer identified them) appear to be safe, but are they? With a fire of this magnitude, surely even the stream has heated. Can you imagine daring to breath?

I pray that God protected these two bewildered and frightened creatures.

He has bestowed upon them wisdom to live without our intervention.

Fire is a necessary part of nature. Beyond the total devastation and death it often brings, especially a fire of this size, it also brings re-birth in unimaginable ways.

Yes, the forest will recover. Animals will return and life will continue. What we perceive here should be to question our impact on nature and how often our carelessness and irresponsibility cause immense pain and suffering for both humans and non-humans alike.

It also causes me to think about God's promise as our world continues to whirl down the path of utter destruction. Next time God's judgment of our wickedness will not be by water, but by fire! May this terrifying photo remind us of what is in store.

--Susan Trout
~ a voice for the voiceless ~

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