Frank L. Hoffman Interviewed by Ericka Simpson About Animal Experimentation


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Frank L. Hoffman Interviewed by Ericka Simpson About Animal Experimentation


I am doing a research project for my Bible class at Bryan College on animal experimentation from a Biblical perspective. I was wondering if you would be willing to answer a few questions for me. Here are the questions.

ES: Why do you believe that animal experimentation is wrong?

FLH: The primary reason that animal experimentation is wrong is that it causes animals to suffer, and sometimes for many years. Furthermore, much of the experimentation is duplicated over and over again with the same results. Also many of the results are not the same when used on humans, and are often harmful. And, in many cases there are better results by using non-animal testing.

ES: Is some animal experimentation necessary?

FLH: We don't believe that any animal testing is necessary.

ES: What are some Biblical reasons that we should not experiment on animals?

FLH: Even though animals as similar to us in many ways, they are also different (God created them after their kind), and the results are not the same, which is one of the primary reasons for so many recalls and harmful side-effects. If people ate the vegan diet that God gave them in the beginning, they would not have the problems that these animal experimentations purport to be trying to solve. Also the Bible speaks against harming animals in our care (Proverbs 12:10).

ES: Should animals have the same rights as humans?

FLH: Yes, to the extent that they should not be subject to exploitation by humans.

ES: As a Christian, what are some of your fears about animal experimentation?

FLH: We don't have any fears about it, but we know that it is against the will of God to cause animals to suffer.

ES: Do you believe that humans have extended God's command to have dominion over the animals to far? Why?

FLH: Absolutely! Dominion, as used in the Bible refers to caring stewardship of God's creation, which most people have distorted to mean domination and freedom of exploitation.

Thank you,

Ericka Simpson