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A Study of: Genesis 15:6, Matthew 9:2, Mark 2:5, 9, and Luke 5:20, 23, 7:48

By Frank L. Hoffman - 30 May 2002

Dear Rebecca:

Thanks for your comments.

Jesus was like an innocent lamb killed by the hardness of heart of His human creation, that through His death people might come to understand God's unconditional love, repent of their sins and be saved.

It was not the blood of Jesus that washed away our sins by itself, or there would be no more sin and corruption in the world. It is our belief and faith in Him that brings about the forgiveness of our sins.

Think about something. If there was no sin in the world, would Jesus had to have come in the flesh? The answer is no. Thus, both His coming and His death are part of God's concession to save sinners. Sin brings death. Faith in the Lord brings life! Jesus was "God with us" to set an example of kingdom living for us to follow. This is the exact same approach that Gandhi used to free India, and King used to bring justice to African Americans in the United States.

In the Love of the Lord,


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