God Does Not Eat Meat
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God Does Not Eat Meat
Comments on the book: God Does Not Eat Meat By Arthur Poletti
Comments by Daniel McKinley - 26 May 2007

Uh, yeah. I have.

I was vegetarian for damn near a decade. My views have evolved since then, though, and I no longer consider mere inclusion in the animal kingdom to be sufficient reason for an organism to be off-limits. I support free-range, organic, hunting of native species, etc. as more sustainable and humane ways of procuring the animal proteins that our bodies have evolved to crave, and the humaneness consideration is nothing if not considering the suffering of our fellow animals. We've all got to die sometime, and we all get eaten by somebody, but there's no reason that ending has to be a torturous culmination of a miserable life like our factory farming model ensures. I don't see anything wrong with eating animals per se, just with the unnecessary cruelty built into the way it is accomplished in the vast majority of cases.

With respect for all life, Daniel

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