God Does Not Eat Meat
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God Does Not Eat Meat
Comments on the book: God Does Not Eat Meat By Arthur Poletti
Comments by Daniel McKinley - 27 May 2007

How else? I'd support ending the subsidies that make factory farming artificially affordable, and I do support all manner of consciousness-raising as to the unnecessity of such a meatcentric diet. I probably was a bit unsympathetic or something in my first comment, but I really did mean to offer a further freedom, not mock your beliefs. I just think all the same appeals to people's sense of righteous indignation can be every bit as effective - and more sound - without falling back on God. But I suppose that's only true of my fellow infidels. I don't want to give the impression that religious folks shouldn't be targeted with your message as well, just that to me, if they "fall for" your message for the same reasons they fell for their religion in the first place, then they risk being disillusioned later not just by their supernatural beliefs but also by their material beliefs which they've adopted in religious terms. Insofar as there really is a rising tide of atheism brewing (to mix my metaphors capriciously), the wise man would build his house of veggie-proselytizing on the relatively firm soil of reason to the greatest extent possible.

Peace, D

PS - I wasn't aware of the statistic, but I was aware roughly that the proportion was insanely high. That's actually my primary reason for still being anti-factory farming, even in the absence of any belief in the supernatural, or in the immortality of the soul. It's not my only reason, but it is the sort of reason that I'd encourage you to bring more to the fore in your defense of your position: it's the kind of thing that, regardless of one's stance on the hereafter, we can all discuss in the same terms, and we can none of us with clear conscience continue to contribute to something so massively destructive to the biosphere. But my opposition is to factory farming, so that would include chemical-dependent monocultures of vegetables as well. There is a higher moral hurdle that must be cleared when seeking to keep consumption of a member of one's own kingdom ethical, but it is not in my opinion insurmountable. But pigs? Cows? Mammals in general? A higher hurdle still, and one that is only cleared to my mind when the mammal in question is native to my area, and my predation of it is beneficial to the balance of the ecosystem. Thus, I will eat the occasional venison, but that's it for me and mammals. I offer that as an example just to illustrate the type of moral considerations one can still make without making recourse to a deity that can charitably be called hypothetical.

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