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By Fr. Joe Classen

In Reference to the Article: God's Hunters?


Just thought I'd comment on the article posted about me. Hmmm….let’s see now…out of the hours upon hours upon hours that I hunt and fish each season, I harvest (that is…kill and eat) only a few animals a year. Do you really think that all that time is spent immersed in "egocentric activity and competition?" Nonsense!

To address the other misconception and stereotype in the article, a wildlife mount or photograph with a harvested animal is simply a reminder of the overall experience and a tribute to the magnificence of the animal. I honor my food and the land that supported and produced it for a lifetime by doing so.

If one would look at the entire photo albums of such outings, the vast majority of pictures are of the stunning beauty of nature that one experiences while hunting/fishing. Such adventures become a front row seat to the wildest, most wonderful places on earth….places few others ever see and experience. And if I can fill the freezer along the way and feed myself and others…thanks be to God!

God bless.

Fr. Joe Classen


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