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By Fr. Joe Classen

In Reference to the Article: God's Hunters?

Hello Frank and Mary.

Thanks for the message. I really do appreciate your concern for the well being of all living things. Everybody should, as we are called to be the stewards of creation. Unfortunately though, we can’t go back in time and prevent the fall of man and all that came as a result. We simply have to live in reality. And the reality on planet earth is that something must die (animal or plant) for something else to alive. The reality is (as I often say) that unless you eat dirt or live in a dirt hut, you are responsible for killing and utilizing living things.

The truth is that all God’s creatures kill and eat God’s creation….and most do so in horrific, savage, brutal ways! I could go on and on with first-hand, barbaric descriptions of Mother Nature in action. Bloodshed indeed!!!!! Even in the process of raising vegetables, literal truckloads of animals end up being killed. They are eradicated because of massive crop damage, they get run over in combines, chewed up in plows, etc., etc. Vegetarians have just as much blood on their hands as anyone else who must eat once living things to stay alive…many just flat out live in ignorance and denial.

Of course, human beings are not savage animals, though we still have to kill our food (or pay someone else to) before we eat it, we must do so in respectful, humane ways…which the vast majority of outdoorsman, farmers, and for that matter, the general public does.

Interesting you mention the notion of God being honored by bloodshed. It was only by the shedding of His Son’s blood that we are saved. Jesus Christ truly became the “Lamb of God slaughtered for our offenses” (Isaiah 53). What do you think was Jesus’ intent while he and his disciples slaughtered, killed and ate a lamb during the celebration of the Passover meals which they shared together? What do you think was His intent when our Lord killed fish? What was His intent in choosing (by animal rights logic) “killers” to be His first disciples?

Anyhow, just a few thoughts for you to consider. As long as I remain an omnivore and in need of food, I will continue to respectfully harvest of God’s creation to feed myself and others…as Jesus (God) did Himself.

God bless.

Fr. Joe Classen


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