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By Frank and Mary Hoffman

In Reference to the Article: God's Hunters?

Dear Joe:

We're sorry we didn't answer these specific questions for you, but that is no reason to want to cut off our conversation. You also haven't responded to us about the humans that are being emotionally hurt, which to us is the main issue for us as clergy to address.

There are a couple other of our commentaries that address some of these Biblical issues. Please take a look at: Living in the Will Rather than the Concessions of God https://www.all-creatures.org/discuss/living.html

This addresses what we believe is the way we should be living today regardless what Jesus or the disciples did in the Bible. It also follows a lot of John Wesley's teachings.

We don't know of any Bible passage that states that Jesus ever killed any animals, and there is only one passage in the Bible in Luke that mentions that Jesus ate a piece of broiled fish after his resurrection. Furthermore there is no mention of the disciples eating any lamb.

Jesus did use the catching of large quantities of fish to dramatically let the disciples know who He was, and then He called them away from fishing to become fishers of men. Please take a look at: https://www.all-creatures.org/discuss/john21.1-17.html 

If it wasn't for the states artificially keeping the deer populations high to gain income from hunters, the remaining populations could easily be kept in check by using immunocontraceptives, which would cause no deaths like the deer in the pickup truck.

We look forward to your response.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary


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