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By Frank and Mary Hoffman

In Reference to the Article: God's Hunters?

Dear Joe:

There is nothing wrong with these sensitive people; they simply have soft empathetic hearts that care for the whole of God's creation. What you are really doing is helping them to lose part of their empathy, thus hardening their hearts.

It is also indisputable that there were several sects of Jews that didn't participate in the killing and eating of animals even for Passover. And since a lamb is never mentioned as being part of Jesus' Passover, you are reading something into Scripture that isn't there. Also remember that many of the early Jewish Christians were vegetarian, including James and a lot of the Catholic saints. We could also apply that "lick of common sense" to this line of thinking, too, and it fits well into an understanding of the Bible.

We just don't understand why killing is so important to you, since it is unnecessary.

Are not we to strive for greater works than Jesus did (John 14:12)? This isn't " absolute subjective denial"; it's the way we should be living.

Deer immunocontraception drugs cost only a few dollars each dose, and we have this directly for the people who make it. So it really is cost effective, and with it goes all of the other excuses for killing.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary


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