God's HuntersGod's Hunters? By James Israel - 22 Jan 2014
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By James Israel

In Reference to the Article: God's Hunters?

I fully support your positive work to defend our little brothers and sisters that are so cruelly murdered on the planet and against the very Fifth Commandment which is as we know “Thou shalt not kill”

The crimes supported by many churches stem from the false presentation of so called “Christianity” developed from the emergence under Constantine of the false Harlot Roman Catholicism!!!

The true followers of the Genuine Teachings of Jesus of Nazareth were all vegetarians as was Jesus Himself. Jerome who was forced to exclude these facts from the Bible by Pope Damasas was secretly himself vegetarian and he lamented the fact that already the false emerging church was following the ideas of Augustine that ‘ANIMALS HAD NO SOULS’ and so they used this to encourage their followers to kill and eat the flesh of innocent animals, fowl etc Some of the true Christians who were vegetarian were themselves murdered when they refused to comply with the new order. They had molten lead poured down their throats! Later in the false Roman church Thomas Aquinas also  followed Augustine’s views and those two monsters are Doctors of The Church and Canonised Saints !!!I It comes as no surprise to me  that people like Classen are what they are.

The Roman Harlot is The Vatican. She dares to call herself “THE HOLY SEE” when in reality the word VATICAN means “PLACE OF WITCHCRAFT AND IDOLATRY” The main Rogue who encouraged through the centuries the killing and torture of God’s innocent creatures is and remains The Vatican and what she has sown she will one day reap. She uses the Holy Name of Christ but her dogmas are her own and The true teachings of Jesus of Nazareth have nothing to do with her now nor ever.

The Lord Bless your stand for His Creatures.


James Israel

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