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By Lisa - 7 Oct 2015

In Reference to: The Liver Savior from Our Own Abuses

Thank-you for your article.

I have found so little good information on Non-alcohol fatty liver disease, your websight and and on in England are the only ones that has had any good information.

I have the NAFL and have gone vegan I was surprised I have it and felt it was a death sentence at least the way the doctor and nurse told me over the phone, I lost 30 pounds last year and I have been vegetarian all my life and I exercise almost everyday and never drink alcohol and have tried to eat healthy all my life with lots of fruit and salads (which I love) but I do have a sweet tooth at times.  I did have appendicitis last fall and I am sure its from that surgery what caused NAFL.

The hardest part for me to go vegan is the Ice cream. I am a vegetarian chef at a small Christian school and have taken quite a few recipes and converted them to vegan. It has frustrated me greatly that there is so little information on the web about to lose weight safely with NAFL and I have degree in nutrition but this disease I understand is new since I went to school 30 or more years ago. Do you think if I just go vegan and not lose weight this year and just get my liver back in a healthy organ that it is bad for me? Because I just don't seem to lose weight at 52 very easily.


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