Horse Slaughter: The Demise of Gentle Giants


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Horse Slaughter: The Demise of Gentle Giants
Comments by Barbara - 12 Nov 2010

Sara, don't watch the video. It's the story of one horse, told from the horse's point of view. It goes through each step from being dumped from a good home and ending up in a slaughter house. I won't verbalize what goes through my mind when I see these creatures from hell torturing, murdering etc. magnificent animals . . . from a rat to an elephant and everything in between.

I am also discouraged about God allowing this to happen. Whenever I express my true feelings about this, I get "God gave man free will, we can't understand now, but we will one day, He will intervene at a time He chooses." None of these responses are acceptable to me.

For years this has troubled me and it still does. I've been sitting here thinking "We're in hell . . . we're really in hell now." This is way beyond insanity. It's always the innocent, most vulnerable that suffer most at the hands of man. Pelosi says "there are reportedly 12 states that are considering or working to pass legislation to allow the operation of horse slaughter."

I was looking around at various web sites about animal rights, suffering, etc. One web site showed some pictures and names of men who had liberated animals, etc. I recognized one picture and name. He's in prison for burning a horse slaughterhouse to the ground and putting them out of business. I know him and we all used to demonstrate together. I'm sorry he got caught. I love the ALF. I don't want any living being to be harmed in their direct actions and neither do they. I know that they are extremely cautious about the possibility of this happening. I also know a man, Native American, who was with Sea Shepherd and sunk an Icelandic illegal whaling ship. BRAVO!!!!

Lastly, I found Gary Yourofsky's web site, ADPTT. Gary also was in prison for liberating minks. It's too long to go into his story. His web site is well worth checking out. He is close friends with a professor who has written books about there being a time when violence is necessary (not physical abuse) . . . breaking into labs and wheeling lots of animals out, torching slaughterhouses, etc.. Did you ever read the story of Britches? A tiny, baby monkey that a lab royally screwed up. The ALF liberated him in one of their raids. He was treated by a vet and lives with another "Mom" primate. He loves her and she takes care of him like he was her own child. My heart explodes with joy when I hear stuff like this. Britches' story is worth looking into also.

I met so many wonderful people when I was active in animal rights. I maintain to this day that they are some of the finest people that walk the face of this earth.

(Sorry for being so long-winded. There are some subjects that really get me going. Animal rights is one of them.)

I'm pretty much on the same page you are. I can't figure it out. Why do these horrors continue?

For the Animals,