Horse Slaughter: The Demise of Gentle Giants


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Horse Slaughter: The Demise of Gentle Giants
Comments by Barbara - 13 Nov 2010

Susan, Thank you so much for your email.

I still don't get why millions of innocent sentient beings have to suffer at the hands of man because man hasn't yet learned/paid attention to what God expects of him.

If anyone suffers, let it be these evil doers not the innocent ones. Maybe if they got a tiny taste of what it has been like for the animals that he's tortured miserably and murdered.

God could stop all of this in a split second. Why is so much suffering necessary to teach man a lesson. It could take forever. Meanwhile, the beat goes on. I believe in love. I do not believe that love heals ALL wounds. Cut the animals out of the picture. I'm sure these freaks could be taught a lesson very quickly in another manner if God chose to do this. Let the evil doers alone pay the price for their evil deeds.

I don't believe ANYTHING justifies the torment they experience every second of every day. I don't see how it can make the learning experience more meaningful.