Hunting and the Bible

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Hunting and the Bible
Comments by Jeff Dunn - 1 Mar 2006

Frank and Mary,

We could discuss this for days, but I find this easy shortcut to resolution in any matter of life...turn to God's Word. I have given you several passages that don't need a twist in interpretation to plainly state that eating meat and the use of animals for food is acceptable. This does not mean I agree with how everyone goes about it. Your passages all seem to need a twist in interpretation to show your view. What verses do you have that plainly show your view.

Also, what is your response to the fact of Jesus helping the fishermen, or Jesus feeding the five thousand with fish. Unless you feel the Bible is NOT inerrant and to be taken for what it plainly states, how do you dispute these stories.

I want to understand your view not in hopes of changing you, but to understand my better relate.

Thanks for your time,

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