Hunting and the Bible


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Hunting and the Bible
Comments by Steve - 6 Mar 2011

Hi there,

I just read your post about hunting and the bible (Comments by Jeff Dunn). I was born roman catholic....went to church and understand religion to a certain degree. I have an uncle who is a minister and also went to a private school that was run by priests.

I can't make any quotes from the Bible so please excuse my lack of education on that part. What I'd like to say is this....I understand that yes animals are food and that we do need there meat to a certain degree. Its the way we go about it....decoys infrared scopes, high power lenses....the list goes on.

Back in the day these animals stood a chance and it was a challenge for the hunter to hunt animals. So when an animal was caught it was a celebration for the hunters and there families to have food. There is no challenge anymore and thus has become a sport rather than a challenge.

Now you say that it says in the Bible that one may argue that God says murder is forbidden (v5), but upon valid inspection, the Lord is speaking of murdering another human…“For to murder another person is to kill a living being made in God’s image.” This does not relate to animals as they are not made in God’s image. First off animals roamed the earth long before humans came along. There was a balance even though animals killed one another to survive they did not kill for sport....they did it to survive. If you are a hunter and went a year without killing an animal....would you still survive?? The answer is probably yes. So really its more of a sport rather than a need to get food to stay alive. I can understand if you were living off the land to stay my question to you is you buy your food at the grocery store or do you grow your own fruits and vegetables and hunt for the sole purpose of providing food for your family?

You say that if we don't hunt animals there would be way to many and due to there reproductive rate it would become a problem....i agree to a certain degree. There life span is also 4 times shorter than a humans life and now add vehicles and how many animals are killed each year from vehicles....quite a bit. Now look at humans. Did you know that this planet has a limit to the amount of people that can live off the land.....around 1 billion. We are 6 times the limit to which we can sustain life and have balance. We are an over populated planet....not with animals .....but humans. I'm not saying we should start killing each other but at the same time WE are the problem. Of all living things on this planet we are the only living thing that use money, have jobs, watch TV......but also destroying this planet, No wonder we are seeing more and more animals in rural populated areas and we see this as a problem......and that is wrong. These animals are running out of room so what do you expect them to do. They don't carry guns or care about the super bowl...they just want to stay alive.

In the last 10 years more and more animals are getting placed on the endanger species list.....don't you think that's wrong?? I worked in the forest industry and worked in very remote places. On several different occasions I would see hunters getting flown in. One day I got back to camp and there was a few of the hunters skinning a grizzly bear. They took the skin, claws and teeth and left the rest. Same with mountain goats, black bears, elk and moose.

They didn't want there meat,....they wanted the skin and head....bragging rights. Also do you realize that a lot....not all hunters actual trap there game the hunters get in place....release the animal only to get shot a few seconds later. How do you call that hunting. Ive come within feet of grizzly bears and black bears on several different occasions and have looked right in there eyes....and I see the disappointment in us. We are taking so much from them as well as the planet and not giving back. The rate of destruction has to be equal to or less than the rate of recovery.....we are around 3 times the destruction to 1 time the rate of recovery. I know this is a bit off topic as it doesn't relate to hunting...but it does relate to god. Do you think he is happy with how we are living here on earth. I dont call this earth any more....I call this hell on earth. Not only are humans killing animals but we are also killing this planet and i dont think it says in the bible that this is how we are supposed to be living. I enjoy going out into the wilderness and hope I get to see a grizzly or black bear...some deer and just any wildlife. It shows me that yes we are all very different creatures but can also be around each other with out feeling threatened. We take so much away from these animals so now we have to adapt and learn to live more closely with them....they are why aren't we??

As to your references to God and Jesus...I personally don't think either of them existed. There is no solid proof to whether either of them did in fact exist. Id like to believe that there is but quite honestly i think we are fooling ourselves in believing in what is in the bible. From the research I've done, the Bible has been rewritten several times since it was originally written. Did you also know that the Egyptian god Horus has the same story as Jesus but was born 5000 years before Jesus. So many religions have based there god around Horus and the same goes for Jesus. We are so brain washed into thinking a certain way that we don't want to think that what we have been taught and told is actually false.

Whether or not God is real....the one thing that is real is that we are at a tipping point to irreversible global mass destruction and if there was a God....He would be PISSED at how we are treating something he created for you agree??