Hunting and the Bible


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Hunting and the Bible
Comments by Steve - 8 Mar 2011

Hi there Frank and Mary,

Thanks YOU for getting back to me.

The world we are living in is in such a downward spiral it makes me sick and is also terrifying. Humans are the sole reason for the state this planet is in. I'm extremely disappointed with the elected leaders allowing this to happen to the planet as well as to all living things.

I have a great appreciation for the environment as well as animals. I've come face to face with grizzlies and black bears and they are portrayed as dangerous and deadly animals that will kill you in the blink of an eye. I've come with in a couple feet of these bears on numerous occasions and have looked them straight in the eye. I see the disappointment and despair in their eyes and it kills me seeing them struggle to survive. They aren't trophies and shouldn't be hunted for sport. They too have a right to be here.....more so than humans. Why...because humans are what's turning such a beautiful planet into a living hell.

I must admit that I too was part of the problem....I am a meat eater. But after educating myself via the internet I went from eating meat everyday to eating meat 2 to 3 days a week. I've started growing my own vegetables....have a few chickens that lay eggs and a variety of fruit trees. What a difference it is growing your own veggies....I absolutely love it and knowing that I am growing it....I know what I am eating.....100% organic! I feel better physically and mentally as well as spiritually.

If more people did what I am doing then I think we would see a difference on the planet. We need more people like you both in this world. I don't know if you are on facebook but there is a gentleman by the name of Anthony Marr that I've been talking with. He has an organization called the HOPE foundation.....HOPE meaning Help Our Planet Earth He has opened my eyes to the things that are going on that not alot of people know about. Even google the foundation name....its so worth it.

Again I thank you for reading my original email as well as responding to it. I'm not sure where you both live but I'm glad to say that I've made 2 new friends...and I hope we can stay in touch and be a part at changing the world and make it a better place for all of us to live......PEACE to my new friends!

Steve from Victoria British Columbia Canada