Hunting and the Bible


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Hunting and the Bible
By Chip - 8 Jan 2012

Drawing a conclusion as to the rightness or wrongness of hunting should be based on more than opinion. As believers in the Holy Scriptures, I submit it is God’s viewpoint we should seek. In fairness and full disclosure I hunt. I do not hunt for sport or trophy; I feel that is an abomination and shows disrespect to the life of an animal. I never shoot anything I will not eat, nor will I consume an animal’s blood. Genesis 9:4

However, I find no scriptures in my research condemning the taking of animals for food or clothing. Had that not been the case in centuries past mankind would have ceased to exist, or at least would have had limited range of habitat and progress. The Inuits, (Eskimoes) the plains Indians, the desert tribes of north Africa and the tribes of equatorial Africa to name a few, would have been curtailed or gone extinct without food and clothing from animals. The westward expansion of our continent would not have happened if men relied solely on crops. Europeans in higher elevations would have frozen to death.

When Noah stepped out of the ark to a land devoid of much vegetation and animal life, a caring God gave him permission to eat from “Every moving animal that is alive, it may serve as food for you.” Genesis 9:3

In the first century, Christian elders determined “Everything that is sold in a meat market keep eating, making no inquiry on account of your conscience, for to (Jehovah) God belong the earth and all that fills it.” 1 Corinthians 10:25,26. The account of Paul’s admonition to the Christians in Corinth does place a stipulation on eating meat, in verse 28 he says “But if anyone should say to you: “This is something offered to idols, in sacrifice,” do not eat…” God further stipulated things strangled or improperly bled were not to be consumed. Acts 15:20,29.

Some of the apostles (holy men of God) were fishermen, in fact two of them owned a fishing business together. There is no evidence they gave up their business, they likely delegated the work to other family members so they could minister.

We should show empathy for those who do choose a meat- free lifestyle and honor them by not forcing our way of life on them. The early church welcomed many Jews into the Christian congregation who had very strict dietary laws. They were cautioned not to offend them or do anything to make them stumble from the faith. See Romans 14: 13-18. Verses 19-23 of the same account also shows the newly converted should not force their beliefs on those who eat flesh or drink wine or stumble anyone over a simple choice as food.

I am appalled at the treatment of animals in industrial slaughter houses and recoil at the thought of eating GMO animals and dairy, however by tending my own flock and harvesting meat honorably my conscience and body is clean.

When we let God speak through his anointed men, his elders and keepers of the spiritual flock, we always get a reasonable and divine answer.