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Frank L. Hoffman Interviewed: God Bless America

Comments by Patrick - 12 Mar 2003

Sometimes I wonder how everything will finally go down because there are obviously things that if I knew now might trouble me that won't then be in perfection... kind of like when Jesus said at John 16:12 "I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear [them] now.

At some level carnivorous activity would exist, I think at least on the micro scale as things that "decay", like skin sloughed off an animal might be consumed by a mite, mites and other smaller critters being used to keep things clean else there would be no recycling of material...

I know I don't like the idea of any animal dying or any person either...

I think that if only "breathers" have value then we'd be ignoring plants that do seem to respond under certain circumstances...

I muse...Is the key thing that one must not cause pain or suffering mentally or physically to anything? If so, then either animals and humans would be allowed to breed only to the point of stasis as there's a finite amount of space etc. here. Otherwise could it be that animals would experience a recycling unlike at present, namely that they would go to sleep at some point and not wake up?

I can't say on any of this, really... I wonder and think, "How can this be worked out?" and I realize that I can't know until then... however it is sufficient to know that it will be well as the "Master of the feast" is good and so though I don't know what will be served at the meal and I don't know who will be there and who won't be or how we will live or where... It is enough to know it will be well.


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