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Frank L. Hoffman Interviewed: God Bless America
Comments by Colin Sky - 12 Mar 2003

Nice reply Frank.

As I see it. You are spot on. I wish you were the president of America. Then there would be world peace no doubt about it. You would use the Power of America as an engine for the renewal of all peoples and the Garden of Eden. God give you even more strength. Thank you for being a mighty strength on this list of often confused sentiments.

Also I have some amazing stuff to share with this list and the world on the very beautiful diet of love and indeed the lifestyle of love. However, the urgency to return soldiers peacefully to their owns lands supersedes everything else at present for me.

I will be so happy when we can start talking of ways to fulfill Jesus' vision of a world based on human kindness.

Firstly though we must disarm Satan in all his Nationalistic Disguises.

I'll wait for God's guidance for the next question.

In the Love of the God of Love.

Colin Sky.

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