Frank L. Hoffman Interviewed by Chiara about Testing on Animals


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Frank L. Hoffman Interviewed by Chiara about Testing on Animals - 15 May 2010

I am in eighth grade and researching the topic of animal testing for a project in school. Sense you are knowledgeable in this area, I was hoping that you could answer some of the following questions I have regarding this topic:

1. I could never get an exact number on this, but how many animals are used each year in research?

FLH: Unfortunately, you are not going to be able to get an exact number because the vast majority of the animals used in laboratory research and testing, rats, mice, and birds are not counted. There are more than a million other animals being used in the 1,100 US labs alone.

2. Where are these research labs located? (Are they in obvious areas or hidden?)

FLH: These labs are located in every state in the US and all around the world. All universities have them as do many smaller colleges, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies. For the most part, they are hidden from public view.

3. What are some alternatives of animal research?

FLH: The most promising alternative is cell research, and the results are proving to be more accurate than animal studies. The big problem is that these alternatives are not being funded by the government.

4. How do the research labs obtain the animals they use to test on?

FLH: Most of the animals are being bred for this use, but some primates are still captured in the wild, and many dogs and cats come from municipal pounds.

5. What types of animals do the labs use?

FLH: Primates, dogs, cats, rats, mice, rabbits, and many other species to a lesser degree.

6. What products do the scientists test on the animals?

FLH: Unfortunately, almost everything that isn't labeled as "not tested on animals".

7. Are the labs owned by different manufacturing companies or are they independently owned?

FLH: See #2.

8. What do the scientists do with the animals after they use them for testing?

FLH: They kill them.

9. Are there college classes to learn how to test (medicines, make ups, ect) on animals?

FLH: Yes, unfortunately, but a lot is also taught/learned in the facilities.