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Our subjects cover: animals, religion (Christian, Jewish and others); diet and lifestyle (vegan and vegetarian); and other miscellaneous subjects.

Thanks so much Frank, here are the questions I've come up with. Feel free to answer whichever ones you'd like.



Is it wrong to eat animal products?

(FLH) When people do this, it shows a lack of love for God and His creation. We are to love the Lord our God with every aspect of our being, and if we do love God in this way, we would also love the whole of His creation. Eating animal products also shows a lack of compassion and empathy for the animals, which requires a person to harden their heart, and God wants us to have a soft heart.

Does religion play a role in the vegan community?

(FLH) It should, but unfortunately it doesn't play a major role, because too many clergy and religious institutions are hard of heart.

What does the bible say about veganism?

(FLH) God created Eden to be vegan, and we are told in Revelation 21:4 that the new earth will be vegan, so this shows us God's heavenly will. In Isaiah 11:6-9 we are told that vegan living is the way God desires us to live.

Do you have information about veganism and other religions around the world?

(FLH) There are vegans all over the world for reasons of compassion and they are in every major religion. On our web site we have vegan articles by Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Hindus, and probably others.

According to my research the consumption and production of animal products is a big threat to the environment and global warming what is your view on this topic?

(FLH) We believe your research is correct. In fact, we believe that it is the greatest threat.

Does the Bible make reference to environmental issues that we face today?

(FLH) Not as such, but since we are charges with protecting the whole of creation, it should include all environmental issues.

Should we use religion to promote veganism?

(FLH) We believe we should. Religions should be the leaders, for they are to set ethical and moral standards for the rest of us.

We hope this helps.

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