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By Joyce Klakken - 6 Apr 2011

Yup, Frank, how do we break the cycle of repeated socio/psychopaths throughout the generations? As the Bible says, "The sins of the fathers are visited upon the third and fourth generations." (and long after that!) When I did my doctoral research, I had a bonding program at Salem Lutheran Church for moms and their babies. It was thought then, that mothers who had not been bonded securely to their mothers were not capable of emotional bonding to their infants. So, the idea was to teach them mechanical bonding as being a lot better than nothing.

To me a lot of the answer lies in people being conscious of the tremendous need for the wholesome nurturance of personalities - emotions, brains, teaching good social skills through example, all of it. Forgive me if I am out of line here, Frank, but the Christian church has been very shy on teaching people that they need to nurture one another, and that this is a pivotal component of love. The vertical relationship has been the big thing, and horizontal relationships have even been seen as competing with one's relationship to God, because God is a jealous God. So, in that sense, it seems that "the church" has been an enabler of callous, harmful sociopathy probably always. Remember how the church would kill monks who discovered manuscripts which did not fit in with the theology of the day? How about the Crusades? How about witch burning and hanging in New England? Jesus said love God and love ONE ANOTHER. These are not separate. To me, Jesus created us and knows what we need. We need one another's love in the sense of real, faithful nurturance. We have, now, wonderful nurturance and medical care for the body. Children are taught everything under the sun, academics, sports, music, art, computers, on and on. Where are the people who can "connect the dots" and realize that personalities need nurturing, and that we (at least some of us) know how to do that now, and WHY it is necessary. Just as in the physical realm, we can't abuse and neglect the way Jesus created us and expect to come out ok!

And, just as you started your animal web site from ground zero and have built it up, I guess it is up to us who have awareness to practice and "pump up" loving nurturance of those around us, and tell others as much as we can in a very nice way.

What do you think of all this? The Bible doesn't really include much about attachment and active nurturance of persons. Love is patience, gentleness, taking care of the injured, and that stuff.


Joyce K

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