Jesus and Fishing



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Jesus and Fishing

Comments by Jay Young - 27 Mar 2006

Hi Frank and Mary:

I read the discussion of John 21, and I somewhat agree with your conclusions about Jesus wanting them to leave their nets again, because they had returned to them out of discouragement. However, I don't agree that there is a miracle of multiplication of the fish or that Jesus instantly, miraculously created the fish that were on the grill. There is nothing in the text that indicates that, whereas in the multiplications of the five loaves and two fishes and the other big miracle picnic, these are clearly defined as multiplications, and since Jesus is the Word, I don't think he has any trouble communicating exactly what he meant. To read into the passage that Jesus instantly created them is adding to the text. I also don't agree that Yahweh sent already dead birds to the desert, or I believe that the text would have said it. Instead, I believe that this is stretching the text to include your pretext, which is, to fit your vegetarian pre-philosophy. But, I will consider both passages some more, and also see if I agree that the "these" where Jesus asks Peter, "do you love me more than these" is really fish or disciples. I must look at it some more, but in essence, I do agree with you that it is not necessary, in many cases in our culture, to eat much meat. I do agree with you about the manna, that God gave them food that was apparently, meatless, but the fact that it was does not mean that we should forget that it was food from heaven, which meant that it had special nutrients, everything needed. But, it was not normal veggie food, which in some areas of the earth, would lack some necessary elements.

Again, in USA, we have abundant veggies, though, probably all that we need to avoid deficiencies. Also, we have to remember that they were in the desert when God sent them the manna, so there was not a lot of meat available. However, don't forget, that they were just out of Egypt, where God himself had instituted the Passover Feast, which involved killing and eating lambs. The conclusion for me, still, is that Jesus prepared the normal fish on the fire, and directed them to catch the normal fish in the normal net, by sovereignly directed "word of knowledge" which was God's direct supernatural intervention which led to supernatural provision in this case. But I do not think that you can conclude that the fish were already dead.

Thanks though. This is helping me to study the Bible! I appreciate it, and the good attitude, that we are not arguing or being disrespectful in our discussions. I like your attitudes, really! I think this is simply reasoning from the Scriptures, which is good!


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