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Jesus and Fishing

Comments by Jay Young - 27 Mar 2006

Hi Frank and Mary:

You are great about answering! Thank you! It really shows a great attitude. I appreciate dialoguing with you!

Anyway, yes, Jesus is God's gift that brings the peace on earth, and goodwill to men with whom he is pleased; that is, with those who turn around from sinning and follow the Lamb of God who alone can take away sin, because he was the only perfect man, the only one who deserved to go to heaven, and so, the only one who can pay for our sins. But, don't forget that Jesus also said, in another context, "Do not think that I have come to send peace on earth, but a sword" in reference to the fact that even families would turn against their own family members who turned to serve Jesus. Only wrath lies upon those who die in their sins because they refuse to stop being the bosses (the false gods) of their own yet another context, Jesus said, "If my kingdom were of this world, my disciples would fight" when he was accused of insurrection against the Roman government. In yet another context, Jesus gives "the peace that passes all understanding" in the context of prayer to remove worries about our constant troubles. So, yes, Jesus came to give inward peace and to give love by changing the hearts of men, and he certainly wants us to be peaceful to each other, for its also said, in the book of James "What causes wars and fighting among you? Is it not your lusts..." and so on; it says we want and we cannot have and so we fight and's greed and the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, and the pride of again, I agree though, that we should be merciful to animals.

I also believe that when a person is born again and truly transformed because God changes him on the inside from just being one of his creatures whom he dearly loves, to one of his sons or daughters who is not only made by him, but remade and born or sired of him with a completely new Spirit which is made alive with the very life of God himself, that there is naturally a great restoration between that person and nature. In other words, we experience a significant improvement in our relationship that includes, to a degree, some of the reversing of the Fall of Man. In essence, we sort of experience some elements that Adam and Eve experienced before the Fall in the Garden of Eden. We hear his voice better, as Adam and Eve did in the cool of the day, and we understand in a revelatory way, that he made all things...and so, there is a peace that comes from this, a reconciliation to all things that are good, and a new understanding of our need to war against personal and public sin.

Anyway, in that context, I agree that Jesus came to send peace, but he also came to send the kingdom of God within men, where they no longer rule and reign over themselves and others apart from him, in rebellion, but where the kingdom, or reign of God comes into them each individually, so that they serve him through his Spirit. In this sense, peace comes inwardly, though in the world, we have tribulation.

Jesus also said, "Whoever is on the side of truth listens to me", so that's the key! And you've helped me to search out the truth about things. I want to keep searching out my understanding about animals and the ecology. In fact, some brothers in a Vineyard Church up further north in the USA are on the leading edge of the environmental movement in some of the problems their local area faces. And, you know, I think God is pleased when we are good stewards of the earth.

I also believe, like I think that you believe, that it's important that we impact our culture and our cultural/social technology and expression, and not just concern ourselves with inward things. I think that, in many ways, we have become techno-barbarians. We must be moral and not just knowledge-obsessed!

In a practical, cultural way, I really believe that the Bible speaks to all things related to how to see and respond to the world in every major area of life; in principles if not in specifics, as Jesus close friend, the apostle Peter wrote, "His divine power has given us all things that pertain to life and godliness through our knowledge of him".

Specifically, I say again, that I agree that we should do what we can to ease suffering on earth, not only toward each other, but to animals. However, men are more valuable than animals because they are temples and houses in which the Holy Spirit is meant to dwell. No other animal can say that they are designed for God to live inside them, and no other animal has the duty and privilege of being made in the image of God -- and the responsibility to act like God by not rebelling against God... and so people also have more responsibility than animals, and a generally more developed conscience, when it's not defiled! I think that animals have very good consciences, the mammals especially, when they don't harden their hearts and get bitter. I have seen mean animals that did not fulfill God's purposes either, though, and I also believe that nature is just as sick as the people. I have seen miserable animals and retarded, or at least misguided whales in confusion. I think that the animals have a hard, confusing time, like we humans do. It's a hard, hostile world, but also a beautiful, wonderful world.

Still, the whole creation groans in travail, (Romans 8) waiting until Jesus comes back and, in his time will make all things new...and then, once again, man will steward the earth, correctly, and be "their brother's keeper."

Anyway, thanks again for the interaction. You are great about being really prompt, responsible and diligent in answering me. I appreciate it and your good attitude in talking about serious things that really matter, as well as in talking (or rather writing) in a respectful and courteous way, even though we disagree on some areas. Sincerely, I think it's great.

Thank you!


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