Jesus and Fishing



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Jesus and Fishing

Comments by Jay Young - 29 Mar 2006

Hi Mary and Frank:

Thanks for telling me what you didn't understand. I will try to explain. My stance is that it is not cruelty for a human to eat meat, in itself. It is wrong to go hunting and needlessly kill animals. I personally don't hunt, and I agree that to shoot them for nothing just for sport, without even eating them, is definitely wrong.

I also think that we eat too much meat, in many instances, so that, in those cases, it's wrong because people actually need more veggies to be healthy. In essence, I don't agree that killing animals to eat them is cruelty, because, as best as I can see in scripture, there is no prohibition for eating meat. Jesus was not cruel and he never sinned, so he wouldn't have been an "accomplice" to the alleged cruelty by giving the disciples fish.

Also, he had them prepare the Passover meals and he never rebuked anyone for eating the lamb, which was a commandment at those meals, that his Father, Yahweh, had commanded. So, that's what I mean.

So, thanks.


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