Living in Joy in an often Joyless World


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Living in Joy in an often Joyless World

Comments by Frank and Mary Hoffman - 29 Jan 2006

Dear Heidi:

Having known you on the internet for several years, we don't believe you're heading towards becoming an empty dark shell.

We live in two realms, the physical and the spiritual. All the problems we feel are in this physical realm which are visible, and even though the horrible things that are going on in this world are in part from the demonic spiritual realm, we cannot see it, so we often find ourselves focusing only on the physical reality.

This is similar to the way we first learn to drive a car. We're looking to see that the center of the hood is near the side of the road and that the close fender is near the center of the road, and while looking to keep our car between these two lines on our side of the road (a physical realm), we find ourselves swerving from one side to the other. But soon we learn to look off in a distance and only see the near position of our vehicle with our peripheral vision and we find that our driving dramatically improves. The looking off into the distance is like perceiving the spiritual realm.

Our Bible is full of spiritual promises, such as the peaceable kingdom and a time of no pain, suffering, or death in heaven for both humans and animals. As we learn to more and more focus upon these distant spiritual promises, we come to also realize that we are not having as much problem navigating our way through this physical world, and in the process we find ourselves better able to bring more of our Fathers heavenly will to earth for others to see, and hopefully be drawn to.

And in this, there is spiritual Joy, even in the face of this corrupt world.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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Living in Joy in an often Joyless World
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