Living in Joy in an often Joyless World


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Living in Joy in an often Joyless World
Comments by Bron - 30 Jan 2006

Hi Heidi,

I hear and feel your pain!

One way that I have sort of stumbled upon, to live in joy, that is, is to read and email a chapter of the Bible every day to some ladies in our church. As I read it, I get blessed; as I type it out and pray before sending it, I am blessed further, and then rereading it a third time when I send it to myself ingrains it into my head and heart.

Another way that I have found to be very helpful, is to try to find a way I can give others joy. After much prayer as to what gift I could use regarding this, I am finding that I can make beautiful greeting cards with a spiritual view. I write out Bible verses to fit each person's situation. I have a list of people who might be overlooked within our church and I make them cards, in a particular focus.

As well, I give cookies to the people in our building, and try to be encouraging to everyone I see.

I find that as long as I focus on the Lord and on others, on ways I can serve others with a servant's heart like the Master's, I am continually filled with joy.

I also try to look for the good in every situation. Sometimes it is very hard, but I have found if I can find the least little tiny bit of good, that opens my eyes to seeing more and more blessings.

Finally, I & my dh have stopped subscribing to the local paper, because we would read it every night and the bad news in there was a definite joy stealer. We realized that after letting our subscription go for a week accidentally. Now we vow not to take it back up again, we'll just get the Sunday paper.

HTH you, Heidi, and I'll be praying for you. :>)


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Living in Joy in an often Joyless World
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