Living in Joy in an often Joyless World


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Living in Joy in an often Joyless World
Comments by Tev Treowlufu - 1 Feb 2006

Yes, it is true what you write Bron.

The author of the panda quip claims that the inherent violence of the pretense is there to get the reader's attention; that is, to the fact of the apparent "danger" of misplacing a punctuation mark, which can lead to a misconstruing of meaning.

The entire piece is actually a tutorial for correct use of grammar, and how misuse can lead to miscommunication.

In any "case," what you insighted is true. Our language is full of animal- abusing terms; and full of terms related to the violence of carnivorism. Take for instance the use of the word "killer"-- used to mean something extremely good.

I used this term in high school when still a young carnivore. Even the term "skill" contains the everpresent "kill" within it. (I prefer using the word talent).

Speaking of promoting violence, isn't it true that we Christians promote the necessary violence of a human sacrifice?

My Christian Vegetarianism does not allow for the traditional crucifixional sacrifice. I consider it a paganistic overlay.

I think Christian Vegetarian awareness can contribute an all new language direction by substituting many of the existing disparaging phrases with ones conveying truth, beauty, and goodness.

This, in turn, would surely influence human consciousness.

We would have to make a list of the phrases and terms we find disparaging and abusive. Then, we'd need to image new ones to replace them. Sounds like a book project...who'll take it on?


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Living in Joy in an often Joyless World
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