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Comments by Irmengard - 29 Dec 2008

In Reference to: Letter from Lexie About Dealing with the Horrors of Animal Cruelty - 6 Dec 2008

Dear Mary and Frank,

when I read the letter of Lexie (dated Dec 6, 2008) I was moved to tears.

I strongly felt the need to say to her some comforting words to diminish her emotional stress and pain. Could you please transmit to her the words that Jesus once said to Francoise, maybe it will help her to find some peace.

ďI have discovered a text from a message- which in my opinion is authentical - of Jesus given to a young French mother near Paris, Francoise, some years ago (The book in French reads: Conversion du Coeur
- I think the English title is: Conversion of Hearts, Edition Hovine, Belgium). Francoise was a former horse-riding teacher and likes animals very much. Jesus once said to her, that all that HE HAS CREATED OUT OF LOVE, EXISTS AND WILL FOREVER BE IN LIFE. HE TOLD HER THAT SHE WILL SEE HER FAITHFUL COMPANION (HER HORSE) AGAIN IN ETERNITY...

So there is hope that all the suffering animals will in some way come to a new form of life again. God is just.

Jesus also said to her that He also loves animals and cares for them.


In another message from Heaven some time ago, Our Lady the Holy Virgin Mary said to a soul (Myriam-van-Nazareth) among many other messages:
(From this we see clearly, that God Himself wants us to be kind to animals and hates brutality or indifference)

(2) Aim at establishing a special relationship towards all your fellow creatures. Jesus and Mary are in each fellow man. As to the animals: towards them, each human soul is a representative of God. It is therefore your duty to make Godís Presence around you tangible. How can you do this?

* Be like a sun to your fellow creatures. Sometimes, unconsciously, you carry clouds with you, which in your presence prevent Godís sunlight to shine through you upon your fellow creature. When your presence is like a sun, in your presence your fellow creature can blossom like a flower in the sunlight. You can become a sun to your fellow creature mainly through a joyful mood, sweetness and genuine friendliness, so that your fellow creatures feel secure with you. By all this you strengthen true Love in souls.

* Carry Godís water of Life to your fellow creatures. Rain is necessary to make the soil fertile. It is expected of you to be like a brook that lets clear and pure water flow through the hearts of your fellow creatures, by encouraging them whenever true Life threatens to flow out of them. Without water the sunlight can not create a rainbow.
Mary often presents the rainbow as the symbol of hope.
Text extracted from http://www.myriam-van-nazareth.net/

Please never lose hope, with the Lord there is always hope and solace; He will come back soon and restore everything and all bad conditions and evil situations. The marks of His return are already appearing and become ever stronger and stronger.

Yours sincerely

May God bless you all abundantly in the New Year.

University of Linz, Austria

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