Maligning and Denigrating Animals

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Maligning and Denigrating Animals
Comments by Gary Loewenthal - 6 Aug 2007

Jesus' act of animal liberation at the Temple is a profound statement IMHO. The Prince of Peace in no uncertain terms showed His opposition to sacrifice.

The later prophets repeatedly proclaimed that God desired mercy, not sacrifice.

To presume that a loving God would condone the perpetual and avoidable violation of animals' most profound interests goes against the very nature, the very concept of a God of love and mercy. It is to project self-centered biases onto God; it is to conjure up cosmic excuses instead of confronting one's violence and transgressions, and breaking free of the them, and sparing the animals from oppression and suffering.

To kill animals for pleasure violates the Golden Rule. One should not blame God for their selfish and hurtful exploitations. One should atone to God - and to His Creation - for engaging in them.

I would not tell the person these things in this exact way, but those are my feelings.


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