Maligning and Denigrating Animals

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Maligning and Denigrating Animals
Comments by Gary Loewenthal - 6 Aug 2007


Your anecdote and insightful remarks reminded me that meat-eaters may also try to "sabotage" vegans' diets or upset them because when confronted at close range with the moral behavior of a vegan they are:

a) self-conscious of their own transgressions, and their not-so-funny shenanigans are an awkward, though perhaps cowardly, way of dealing, or rather not dealing, with that discomfort;

b) angry at the vegan for refusing to participate in exploitative cruelties that the meat-eater engages in probably every day.

Several months ago I attended a "volunteer appreciation night" at the cat-and-dog no-kill shelter where I volunteer. I was talking to a shelter employee - a manager, btw - and mentioned that I also volunteer with a rabbit rescue group. She responded - with a rather forced laugh, I thought - that the only thing she knew about rabbits was that they make good stew.

Now I have to put up with this incredibly lame and insensitive remark from the general public periodically, but this was from someone involved in companion animal rescue talking to a fellow companion animal advocate.

I was stunned and deeply dismayed. In a calm voice I told her that what she said wasn't funny or original, and I went on to tell her about some of the rescues the group had done of rabbits who were abandoned or mistreated - hoping it might conjure up some sympathy and make her recognize her callousness. What I didn't tell her was that a few years prior, before she came on board, the shelter fostered some rabbits for the rabbit rescue group and in doing so saved the rabbits' lives.

So - it's amazing and disturbing how even people who should know better say the most hurtful things to you when they know you care deeply about animals.


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