Maligning and Denigrating Animals

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Maligning and Denigrating Animals
Comments by Gary Loewenthal - 7 Aug 2007

My guess on the "vegetarians hostile to (or threatened by) vegans" phenomenon - for I run into it sometimes, too - is that, at least in some instances, the vegetarian feels that he/she is already progressive, already doing his/her part, already ahead of the curve. Then along comes this vegan, who, from the vegetarian's point of view, out-does the vegetarian in acting compassionately and responsibly. The vegetarian is used to being the enlightened one in the group and now the tables are turned, and that may cause some resentment.

I could be over-dramatizing this or misinterpreting the dynamics, but I do sense it from time to time. I try to be cognizant of others' egos and sensitivities (not always a simple matter) and I am sincerely grateful for anything that anyone does to help animals, and I try to acknowledge that in a non-condescending way. Also, I was lacto-ovo vegetarian for, in hindsight, an embarrassingly long time before turning vegan. So who am I to cast stones?

Plus, like you said, often - in fact, usually in my experience - the tension eases as time goes on.


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